November 25, 2008

New York Times: Let's Make up Charges for "Heinous Terrorists"

New York Times wrote in its Sunday editorial about the "problems" of closing the Guantánamo prison camp.
Even with all those demands, there is one thing Mr. Obama must do quickly to begin to repair this nation’s image and restore its self-respect: announce a plan for closing Mr. Bush’s outlaw prison at Guantánamo Bay.

The prison is the premier example of the disdain shown by Mr. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for the Constitution, federal law and international treaties. Most sensible governments cannot see past Guantánamo to even recall America’s long history as a defender of human rights and democratic values.

We are under no illusions. Closing the prison will not be easy, or quick, but it can be done. It does not mean that the United States will set free heinous terrorists. But it may mean that these prisoners will have to be tried on other very serious charges than the ones supposedly for which they were sent to Guantánamo.
Hmm... So Times is proposing made-up charges? A majority of the detainees do not fit under the description of "heinous terrorists". If there's no concrete evidence, why should the US government try to squeeze out a conviction.
Does this mean that truly dangerous men will be set free, to go back to plotting more attacks against America? No. But it will require smart legal thinking by the new administration.
Oh, those very dangerous people. Time for a reality check. Releasing a few people with evil intentions is a big thing in comparison to keeping possibly innocent people detained for seven years, and tortured as well. Those "heinous terrorists", against which there just doesn't happen to be much evidence, can surely be kept under check after release, and captured, if they actually take up arms again.

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