March 3, 2009

India's Growing Supercomputing Market

Signs of the rise of India as a growing player in the world of research and development: Cray Inc. has established a presence in New Delhi. (ht Global supercomputer leader Cray Inc. (NASDAQ: CRAY) has formed a new wholly-owned subsidiary in India aimed at strengthening its presence in that country's growing High Performance Computing (HPC) marketplace.

"The senior management at Cray has felt for some time that the company needed to expand its footprint in India to provide a strong, local presence for our customers," said Andrew Wyatt, vice president, Cray Asia Pacific. "The country's HPC market is of rising importance, and establishing a new subsidiary allows us to seamlessly deliver our supercomputing expertise to both new and existing Cray customers in India."

HPC utilization is an important bellwether of high-tech, high-value added research and development.

Elsewhere, SGI has announced further layoffs of 9% of its workforce, even at the face of a big order of the US DoD:

The Register: Supercomputer maker Silicon Graphics has let go 120 more employees, nine per cent of its workforce, in an effort to cut costs as its revenues decline.

These cuts come hot on the heels of a 15 per cent layoff announced in mid-December, when SGI slashed 15 per cent of its 1,500-strong workforce, eliminating 225 positions. After the latest rounds of cuts, SGI has approximately 1,155 employees. That latest round cost the company about $3m in severance and related charges, according to the 8K filing, and SGI expects the layoffs to be completed by March 27.

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